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Forex day trading is your most profitable way?

Forex day trading is your most profitable way?

The truth is that there are at least 2 million people in the world who have the skills to day trade Forex and they do it perfectly well and earn millions of dollars.

This gives these traders an excuse to start filing complaints and instigate a lawsuit arguing that they were naive and unaware of the risks of day trading Forex, and thus they were deceived.

Yes, sometimes they will lose, but more often than not, they will win amazingly.

I have a friend who works as a delivery man in a restaurant and he started trading Forex about 5 years ago.

While driving his motorbike, occasionally and during his lunch break, he logged into his daily Forex trading account and entered into a few Forex trades for currencies.

By the end of his daily driving bout, he was checking out his online Forex day trading account and was always very surprised when this worker found out that within a few minutes of his Forex day trading, he made good profits on that day at the same time. He drives more than he bikes to deliver orders all month.

This profit encouraged him to stop driving his bike to deliver drums and start day trading Forex full time.

In another 5 years Driver has made $5 billion in daily Forex trading online and is also listed among the richest people in America!

He is just an ordinary person and one among many ordinary people around the world who spent their time studying Forex day trading online, understanding and trading it well and correctly, and made millions of dollars without any hard work.

You can do the same because it is simple, if a person can click once to buy a coin and after a few minutes click again to sell it then he can make money.

He does not need to think. Even a simple man can do that!


Is Forex day trading difficult to understand or do?

If the individual knows where he can get a good and valid e-grammar to teach you Forex day trading and be patient to spend one hour each day studying to understand the daily Forex market, and how to click with the mouse to buy a currency and then sell it ; 

And if he has the patience to try out a free Forex demo account for a few months before he opens a paid Forex day trading account to start trading currencies, he can get super rich and insanely rich quickly, and it will always make his eyes want to show up, see everything From his piles of money he gets just by clicking his mouse twice every few minutes of his day!


What is the secret of an individual’s success in Forex day trading?

One of the most powerful daily Forex trading secrets that will help a novice trader is to avoid hiring a money manager at the start of his currency trading on his behalf.

The reason is that 90% of those managers who may advertise through their websites, through impressive brochures, in advertising campaigns and Forex seminars, are fraudsters.

Because when an individual hires them to trade Forex daily on his behalf, they will trade in his account in order to generate a lot of Forex daily trading fees for themselves since whether they are making money for it or not, the individual must pay them their fees.


The more they trade in his account, the more trading fees they generate for themselves!

Also by overdoing the day trading in one’s Forex account, money managers are exposing it to huge trading risk which will eventually lead to the individual losing a lot of his money.

This is because there are certain daily days and times in which daily Forex trading is profitable and there are some other days and times that are unprofitable.

So with excessive daily Forex trading in one’s Forex trading account, money managers get rich at the trader’s own expense.

In addition, some of these managers will use some of their profits from day trading Forex via an individual’s account to trade for themselves and get rich without the trader knowing what is going on.

Another reason why one avoids money managers is that, money managers will tempt a trader to day trade Forex on margin. This means that the money manager who works for the trader will lend him money for the trade.

But the trick here is that they are lending the trader the digital money that they have created from the air and it has no value.

All the money manager does is go to the trader’s account and enter any amount of money he wants to lend to the trader. It does not put real money in the Forex daily trading account of the trader you have hired him for his service

This is not real trading money because it is just fake numbers, but if a trader uses this fake digital money to trade in Forex daily and loses, then the trader will owe them real money, they will ask the trader to pay them with his real money!

If the trader fails to pay them back, he can freeze the trader’s bank accounts, business assets and home to collect his debts.

This is the secret way that most Forex brokers get rich at the expense of naive novice traders in online Forex day trading.

So, if an individual is a novice trader, he should avoid hiring a money manager to trade Forex on his behalf initially. In other words, the trader should stay away from managed trading.

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