Should a trader find good trading equipment or trading habits?

Should a trader find good trading equipment or trading habits?

One of the frequent mistakes of the Forex trader for the new trader is to focus too much on finding profitable next Forex trades instead of becoming a good Forex trader.

It is not unusual to see a novice trader who spends most of their time doing basic Forex analysis or Forex technical analysis in order to find special setups for profitable Forex trading.

Some traders even copy their ideas and use another live trading system without knowing much about the basic rationale behind them.

The trader must train as he is so afraid of losing any very good trading opportunity that he prefers to allocate his trading time to take Forex trades instead of identifying any strengths in Forex trading and weaknesses of Forex trades that they have and to work on developing their skills.

What the trader fails to understand is that there are winning Forex trading habits that help them win Forex trades more trading times than winning Forex setups.

Successful traders do not start their careers by entering as many Forex trades as possible in the hope that this experience will make them better Forex traders.

They would spend hours watching trading screens adapting them, memorizing a number of different trades trades, and correcting their weaknesses before they officially entered trading.

Then, armed with the basics and habits of Forex trading, they will make appropriate adjustments to their trades until they are unbeatable in their trades.

Now, imagine if Forex traders were more interested in winning trades than in being good traders. They were challenging as many other traders as possible without giving much thought to their demo account training.

It is very likely that the conditioning of the trader will break down and they will end up losing their battles. Ironically, their need to win has affected their ability to win in trading.


The Forex trader faces the same story every trading day. Just without any Forex trading mistakes may occur.

Another important point is that the trader may focus so much on his balance and on how to record his good trades that he may neglect conditioning his trades.

As he does not put much effort into improving his set of trading skills, over time his Forex trading skills will be limited to a certain type of setup that he often takes.

What is more important in trading, focus on the trading process or focus on profit?

The trader should focus on the highest trade rather than his profits, as this will make him more prepared to be dealt with any trading story that might come his way.

This can reduce his anxiety while trading Forex because he has more control over his trading problems than over future trading profits or losses he may be exposed to.

Traders must remember that their winnings are not about the process of owning the best trades, but how well they are traded.

Here are 7 habits of successful Forex traders

  1. Be passionate about trading but humble

The basic trait of traders is a mixture of passion for trading and humility of character. If traders think that they can become good Forex traders by indulging in trading in their spare time, they are unfortunately wrong.

Good Forex traders are always good students of the Forex market and they admit that the Forex market has that ability to surprise and disprove the best and greatest Forex trader. Personal humility is the foundation and essence of being successful Forex traders.

  1. Be optimistic but make their trading expectations realistic

They cannot be Forex traders if they are not optimistic. Even if they are in a hopeless Forex trading situation, so they must believe that there is that easy way out.

Every trader should always hope that this combination of his thoughts and discipline will eventually lead him to good Forex trading results. But it is important that they maintain their expectations based on most realistic grounds.

  1. Be patient and keep learning from trading mistakes

Good traders are people who want to constantly learn from trading mistakes. Because traders are likely to make many mistakes in Forex trading. This problem arises when traders continue to believe that they are right.

Because a smart trader usually understands when he’s wrong and is very practical enough to accept it and move on. He cannot be selfish and also be a successful Forex trader.


  1. Forex discipline is the key to a successful trader

This is the golden thing for successful Forex traders. He needs to take into account the strict trading rules and discipline in them, which means stopping the losses that occur, and achieving the goals of booking profits, and related to the protection of the traders’ capital.

  1. Focusing on managing the risks of trading in Forex and protecting the capital

This is done in a way as an extension of a point about the process of discipline in trading. The job of good traders is to manage Forex risk. Traders should not be obsessed with returns. They should remember that they do not control returns. As this thing is controlled by the Forex market.

  1. Good traders never panic while trading

There is a well-known saying in the Forex market that traders should always sell greedily and buy when the market is frightened.

When traders watch the turmoil of the market and its sudden losses. They take it in their stride.

Good Forex traders never get upset but stick to his Forex trading plan and plan execution system.

  1. Good Forex traders never gamble

Often skeptics of Forex trading tend to equate traders with gambling, but this is very far from the truth. Good traders will always trade odds that they can control well and take risks that they can manage.

But when traders are betting blindly on the Forex market, they are actually gambling. Such a trader can never be a good trader.

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